Our staff is passionate about supporting non-profit organizations in our community and beyond. Learn more about the charities Southwest Investment Advisors supports and why each one was nominated by our staff.

More Than a Bed

“We have several friends who open their homes as foster parents and have been blessed by this organization. They provide physical resources for foster families who may all of a sudden have a new kiddo at their house and need clothing, diapers, books, highchairs, and so on. If you have gently used baby and kid items, this is a great place to donate to!”

Alix Kusler, CWS® | Financial Advisor

Learn more about More Than a Bed here.

Alix Kusler

Lapan Sunshine Foundation

“The Lapan Sunshine Foundation provides students from underserved communities with scholarship, mentorship, access to opportunities and support for overlooked additional needs. This supports students with a true desire for education and prepares them for obstacles and challenges. Often most of these students have little family support.”

Rick Zich, CEPA®, MBA | Financial Advisor

Learn more about Lapan Sunshine Foundation here.

Rick Zich

Pet Allies Clinic

“Local no kill animal shelter that offers low cost spay/neuter and shot clinics. This shelter helps local animals in the Show Low community find loving foster and furever homes!”

Lacey Rogers, Client Services Assistant

Learn more about Pet Allies Clinic here.

Lend A Hand Senior Assistance

“I chose to support this non-profit organization because not everyone has a support system willing to actively participate in their elderly family member’s lives when they really need it most. Having services available to transport to doctors visits or provide food when they are unable to cook or go to the grocery store is a necessity, not a luxury. Lend A Hand doesn’t only provide services to the elderly, they also assist individuals with special needs. This non-profit resonates with me because throughout my life I have encountered well deserving people that could really benefit from a helping hand.”

Stephanie Hilton, Client Services Assistant

Learn more about Lend A Hand Senior Assistance here.

Stephanie Hilton

Healing Arizona Veterans

“Healing Arizona Veterans (HAV) is a non-profit that uses donations to sponsor the treatment of military veterans suffering from wartime Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. HAV receives donations to cover the costs of this critical and life-changing treatment at a time in the lives of these veterans when they can least afford it.”

Annette Tate, Adminstrative Assistant

Learn more about Healing Arizona Veterans here.

Annette Tate

Center for Biological Diversity

“As a nature and animal lover, I am always looking for ways to be a good citizen of the planet. The Center for Biological Diversity is one of the top-rated AZ nonprofits according to The Center focuses on a variety of species with a well-rounded approach including science, laws and protecting natural resources. I am impressed with their broad approach to ‘Saving Life on Earth’.”

Sheree Morgan, Paraplanner

Learn more about the Center for Biological Diversity here.

Sheree Morgan

Tucson Festival of Books

“Reading and writing are my hobbies outside the office. The Tucson Festival of Books’ (TFOB) vision is to increase literacy and education in our community, which something I’m passionate about. TFOB is one of the largest book festivals in the US and is free of charge to the public. I love seeing readers of all ages celebrate the joy of books together.”

Sarah Porter, Paraplanner & Event Coordinator

Learn more about the Tucson Festival of Books here.

Pima Library Foundation

“The Pima Library Foundation ensures that Pima County’s libraries can create and expand programs, services, and spaces that go beyond books. Funding through the Foundation enables our libraries to provide so much more than could with tax dollars alone. Programs like ‘Ready Set School for Early Learners’ and ‘Career Online High School for Post- High School Aged Adults’ are two of my favorite programs that the foundation helps to support.”

Wendy Healy, Financial Coach

Learn more about the Pima Library Foundation here.

wendy healy
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